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About Wahapahapa

Wahapahapa Story

Wahapahapa is a brand of healthy food produced in an ethical manner by food cooperatives associated in the Mkuranga Council Cashew Project association operating in the Mkuranga District in northern Tanzania. The Mkuranga District is located in the Pwani region. The Mkuranga District in the north borders on Dar es Salaam, and in the south on the Rufiji District. Cashew cultivation is the main source of income for district residents. However, this is a seasonal job (from September to December), because the cashew nut processing capacity is currently still limited (due to this fact, it is a region requiring support). Cashew nut processing can be a hope for farmers and farmers for a more sustainable income and improved quality of life. Currently, the Mkuranga Council Cashew Project association co-creates 20 local producer groups from various Mkuranga district locations.

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  • To reduce poverty by enabling farmers to grow they income and manage their resources for a better society
  • To support and educate the Rural societies
  • To develop a value adding agri-processing on the community level.
  • A prosperous Society of rural Tanzania

Our Team

Remmy Monyo




Amina Bakari

Corporate President

Ruby Mziray

Project Coordinator