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Powerhouse of Energy and an Excellent Source of Protein, Minerals and Vitamins

Cashews have a relatively sweet flavor and a fairly soft texture, and are used to make all sorts of dairy-free alternatives, such as milk, cheese and ice cream. They also make a delightfully creamy nut butter. Roasting the raw nuts before blending coaxes out the nuttiest flavor. Flax seeds, sesame seeds and poppy seeds are all great add-ins for crunch, but you could also stir in some tahini, which intensifies the flavor and adds even more creaminess.

If you’re already a cashew butter fan, prepare to elevate your fan-hood to even greater heights.

We did a formal, side-by-side review of some of the most popular cashew butters on the market. Our goal was to see which brands delivered on taste, texture, and stir-ability and which ones weren’t worth the hype, saving you the time and money of doing the research yourself!

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