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Thoughtfully Combined Nuts with Fruits from Mkuranga’s Orchards

There are as many variations of trail mix as there are stars in the sky, or drops in the ocean, or rocks in my dryer. But have you ever made your own homemade trail mix, where you get to control the ingredients and keep things healthy? It’s ridiculously easy, and that’s only one of the many reasons to give it a try.

Why Make Trail Mix?


First off, and perhaps most obviously, trail mix makes a fantastic snack. It’s easy to keep on hand at room temperature and it lasts a long time. I love keeping a big jar of it in the pantry as an incentive to make smarter snacktime choices. Because if I’m fighting the urge to rummage for a bag of chips and Healthy Trail Mix is staring me in the face, it’s only logical that I’m more likely to reach for a handful of fruit and nuts.

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